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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 19, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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friend of mine, my mentors and my early in my career. and they've done their job and now it's ours. [ indiscernible ] >> i'm unaware of that. i don't know -- i would think it would be rather difficult for george zimmerman to get a job in central florida. robert is trying to get a job. i spoke with him and he's attempting to get employment. he's having a difficult time. >> excuse me. [ indiscernible ] >> a lot of times things are included in the report that don't end up being true. whether or not the sheriff had certain items of evidence is going to be developing over time. we have the same police report that you all have. we have no more greater knowledge than what the sheriff
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has in their evidence locker than what you do. so as far as what the evidence from what the state has against him, that's yet to be determined. the police report indicates that firearms were recovered and as far as that, we don't have any further knowledge of that. [ indiscernible ] >> the state attorney asked for a specific address in the exc exclusionar zone, why they asked for that, i don't know. okay. no, absolutely not. absolutely not. my name is jeff dowdy. seminole county public defender's office.
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me -- >> we are listening to a news conference held by attorneys representing george zimmerman just indicated they expect their client, new client to be able to come up with cash needed to get out of jail on bail. let me catch you up on what happened so far. george zimmerman just left a florida courtroom where he faces aggravated assault with a weapon and battery. the judge set zimmerman's bond at $9,000 and ordered him to wear a electronic monitoring device. he spent the night in jail after being arrested when dutties responded to a disturbance call at his girlfriend's home. the girlfriend says there was a previous unreported incident, according to the seminole county sheriff's office. samantha scheibe called 911 and said zimmerman pointed a gun at her face. >> he's inside with all of the
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guns and ar, he took that and smashed my table and smash my sunglasses and whatever the hell he's in there smashing right now while i'm outside. >> shotgun and ar-15? >> he barricaded the door with furniture and while inside made his own 911 call to get his side of the story saying he never pointed a gun at his girlfriend. >> i just want everyone to know the truth. >> the officer can speak with you on the scene, have you spoken with them? >> no, but they are pretty upset, i think. >> the officers are upset? >> yeah, they are banging on the door in the window. she's pregnant with our child and told me if we better if we co-parented than raised the child on her own. >> investigators confiscated weapons inside the home. kerry sanders joins me now.
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looking at the conditions of the zimmerman's bond, $9,000. he can have no contact with his girlfriend. cannot return to the address where this incident happened or alleged incident happened. a third party can go and retrieve his belongings and also the judge indicating no weapons can be on zimmerman's person and no ammunition. as we understand it, weapons were retrieved from the home or at least weapons were in the home when police arrived there. >> and if you were listening to -- not only the 911 call, but during the actual news conference with the attorneys, you heard some questions about who samantha scheibe is pregnant or not pregnant. in the 911 call, george zimmerman says his girlfriend is pregnant. law enforcement specifically deputies with the seminole county's office say in their conference with samantha, she indicated she is not pregnant. i'm not where that is at the end
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here. there are two different side of the stories. just about everything that took place in the home. as those 911 calls revealed, there was something that resulted in some sort of altercation between the two. she dialed 911. she said during that 911 call that george zimmerman had smashed among other things, the plate glass tabletop she had there and she exits the home. when she exits the home, allegedly george zimmerman then barricades the door to the house and while he's inside and this is highly unusual, he dials 911. what's unusual about that, he dials 911 when he can see out the window that samantha is already with deputies. in fact, the 911 operator is shocked when he dials in and says, that you know, my girlfriend is outside, she's with the deputies. >> right. >> and the 911 operator is you're dialing 911 with the deputies out there, yes, because
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i want my side of the story told. clearly it appears he has an understanding how this works. he's been through this. he knows what is going to become public record. will he get out today? it's unlikely he'll be able to post the bond and get out today. $9,000 bond would mean he has to come up with $900 but he may get out of jail here tomorrow. he's inside the jail here in seminole county. he's one of two people in the jail cell and it's a jail that he's familiar with because this is the same jail he was held in before during the second degree charges of shooting trayvon martin, which of course he was acquitted in that shooting death. >> kerry, thank you very much. let me bring in our msnbc analyst, lisa bloom, "washington post" opinion writer and jonathan capehart. the judge indicated today as far as as he's concerned this is a brand-new case. obviously making it clear to the
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public here that what happened with the trayvon martin verdict has nothing to do with the bond that he's setting and these conditions that george zimmerman is facing today. >> right, this has to be a brand-new case because legally speaking, george zimmerman was acquitted so this is a whole new case. a different set of incidents, of course there are a lot of commonalties which is would we're talking about it, namely the algation of a reckless use of george zimmerman's gun where he's in a situation where he's under stress. that's the commonalty between this and the incident two months ago with shellie zimmerman and in 2005 when he was accused of domestic violence by a former fiancee. he got one against her. >> legally, does the judge look at a person's state of mind. we've heard he may be $2 million in debt. there's talk of suicide. he's been pulled over a number
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of times for traffic violations and according to the girlfriend, there was a prior domestic violence incident but she did not report this. the police -- the judge is concerned enough about this relationship and the potential of it being a violent one, so much so that george zimmerman is not allowed to get his own possessions. so the state of mind, how is that factored into the amount of bail that's set here? >> right, so first of all, you're absolutely right. we now learned in the bond hearing that the girlfriend claims that a week ago george zimmerman was choking her. it's very common for domestic violence victims if indeed she is one, not to report the first incident or second, but then when it comes to a breaking point they do report. now, as to criminal intent, that's always relevant in a criminal case, mens rea in the law. did he intentionally point at gun at her to threaten her, scare her? whether he did that because he was stressed, angry, worried
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about debt, is not a defense. it's possibly an explanation that would help her more than anything else to show how reckless he was with the gun when he was under stress. >> jonathan capehart, you posted a column yesterday and made the comparison with o.j. simpson. i don't think you are wrong despite what people responded with the article, basically you got george zimmerman found not guilty back in july and since then the alleged incident that took place at his wife's home, now this incident with the girlfriend and one, according to her, that was not reported prior to us seeing this arrest yesterday, this is similar to what o.j. simpson. people believed he was guilty despite the verdict and it seemed ever so often he was back in trouble until he ultimately ended up convicted of a crime. >> right. that was my instant thought when i got back from lunch yesterday and saw he was once again in the news. once again dealing -- having
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interaction with law enforcement and once again having the cops called on him by an ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, exfiancee. once again, a gun alleged to have been in the mix here. and once again him in handcuffs in the seminole county jail. so you know, george zimmerman, appears to be through all of these incidents as o.j. simpson, people -- he got -- keeps getting himself into trouble where ultimately he ends up in jail not for the thing people believe he got away with but for something else. >> and the something else meaning in the case of o.j. simpson was a violent incident involving a gun in vegas and that is why he is behind bars and may spend the rest of his life. >> sports memorabilia. >> and here again with george zimmerman accused of a violent
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incident. that this girlfriend says took place in that home. >> right. right. so what will be interesting to see, i guess the next court appearance will be in january. and we'll get to see and hear all of the evidence that is involved in this case. the thing that i found again, repeating sort of past practice, you know, samantha scheibe calls 911, george zimmerman calls 911 to give his side and he knows how this works and knows that this 911 call is going to be released to the public and now sets up a he said/he said against his exgirlfriend. >> let me play the 911 call where george zimmerman's girlfriend says he knows how to play the game. >> he knows how to do this. he knows how to play this game. >> i need you to calm down, okay. >> lisa, let's be clear.
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we don't know what she was referring to. people can read into that what they will here. but she made it clear that he knows how to play the game. the other incident that struck me, according to his girlfriend, barricaded himself inside the home and knew police were outside when he made that phone call. and did not let them inside that home. and he knew that they were there. >> right, and this is the same allegation that we heard in the trayvon martin case. he knows how to play the game. remember there was a witness who said he had taken a criminal justice and got an a in the class and understood stand your ground and had to assert self-defense immediately when the police arrived on the scene. the reason we're talking about this, of course because domestic violence is serious, because he took the life of an unarmed child and got away with it and acquitted. at that time many people said, he's irresponsible, hot head, he shot because he was angry, not in self-defense. we're hearing further of that
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after the child. it casts further doubt on the trial and the way it turned out. >> at this point it's charges and next court appearance is in january. this is his first appearance regarding bond and we will see what happens next with the legal system and george zimmerman in this particular incident. thank you both for your time. i greatly appreciate it. >> we have more breaking news, this involving america's longest war, according to a document obtained by nbc news, u.s. military presence in afghanistan may not be over for many years to come. according to the draft u.s./afghan security deal the u.s. will commit thousands of american troops and spend billions of dollars beyond 2014, which is the date, the year the president ace administration set as the end of the current mission. richard engel joins me by phone from ckabul. tell me about the white house response and details of this information and the document.
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>> i'll start with the document itself which i'm holding in my hand, 20-page typed document and draft of an agreement that is not been signed between the united states and the government of afghanistan. but it does however give an indication of the scope and the scale of this possible agreement, agreement which is being discussed right now and being debated among afghan and now starting to become public in the united states. the agreement would have u.s. troops maintaining bases in afghanistan, small out posts. they would be mostly confined to these bases. the exact ability of american troops to moch outside those would be quite limited. we just heard tonight from the afghan government that american troops would be able to do a limited number of raids independently, counterterrorism
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operations as long as they weren't excessive. and what's most significant is the time frame. this agreement talks about having this u.s. troop presence continuing through 2024 and then there's a clause that says, comma, and beyond and this agreement is automatically renewable unless one of the two parties, the u.s. government or government of afghanistan submits in writing to cancel it. and even after canceling it, it would take two years to turn it off. >> richard, the response from the white house, we are not going to comment on the specifics of a purported draft version of the bilateral security agreement. the president is still reviewing options from the national security team and not a decision about a possible u.s. presence after 2014. this is to be debated by village elders. what is the time line as far as information made available to
11:16 am
the public and is if deal is the one signed by both countries? >> this is -- it is a draft. and as you heard from the white house, they don't want to comment on a draft. but this -- the u.s. government is working on this. this is a serious document. the document contains the notes put on by u.s. officials, suggested changes of the language that u.s. negotiators wanted to have, this is not something that has been done in a vacuum without u.s. knowledge. this goes very high up in the u.s. administration. in fact, this same document or a different version of the same document has recently been distributed to leading members in the pentagon and some u.s. lawmakers. this is not a surprise document that nobody knows about. it will change. and the exact language and wording of this will change. but the scope i think is what is
11:17 am
surprising here. generally most americans are under the impression that the war in afghanistan is winding down. >> absolutely. >> there was always an understanding there would be a residual force but a force of thousands and that the u.s. would be paying for -- something we didn't mention -- the afghan security forces forever, potentially, i don't think that was necessarily understood by the american people. it hasn't been reached but this is something the u.s. and afghan government are clearly working on. >> thank you very much. live in kabul. we'll continue to follow this and meanwhile, we have more breaking news to report. this out of virginia. a state senator and former gubernatorial candidate, deeds stabbed in critical condition right now. his son shot to death. we'll have a live report. plus, new information after police officer shoots at a mini van with a mother and five kids
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tragedy at the home of creigh deeds, he is in critical condition after being stabbed repeatedly. his 24-year-old son gus was found dead inside the home from a single gunshot wound. police would not say whether that wound was self-inflicted. >> troopers and bath county deputies arrived to find senator deeds stabbed multiple times and flown from the scene to the university of virginia hospital
11:22 am
in charlottesville where he is right now and he's being treated for serious injuries. to the motive, the sequence of events still under investigation. at this point, no, we're not looking for suspects at this point. >> jim nolan joins us by phone. that was a few hours ago, the update at the police news conference. do we know any more regarding a suspect or information as far as the investigation, if they are not looking for another person in that home? >> well, tamron, the real issue seems to be whether in fact the gunshot wound that killed gus deeds was self-inflicted or not. investigators are still have not been able to determine exactly whether that was the case or not. they had gotten some statements from senator deeds who is conscious and talking to investigators and family in the hospital. but they haven't been able to determine that.
11:23 am
what we do know is there aren't any other suspects and there wasn't anybody else in the house at the time. so clearly this is a father/son assault and senator deeds was stabbed by his son. we don't know the rest of the details about the death of gus deeds. >> governor elect terry mcauliffe released a statement saying this is a truly sad day for virginia and many who creigh, and speaking to his exceptional and committed life as a public servant. >> gus campaigned with his father and left school in 2008, started school in 2007. in 2009 when senator deeds ran for governorship against governor bob mcdonnell, he left school to work with his father and with his father constantly. they were very, very close.
11:24 am
we -- we do know that in recent times gus has had some issues we're reporting on our website now, that there apparently was an issue in terms of a temporary detention order that may have been issued. and we're investigating whether or not gus deeds was able to get the mental health treatment that apparently his family was hoping he would receive. all indications are that he did not get remanded to a mental health facility and as a result of that, was in fact released. now, what's unclear still is how that may have contributed to the incident that occurred very early this morning in rural bath county. >> all right, jim nol an, thanks very much for joining us. walmart under fire from its employees after setting up a food drive to help out employees who have fallen on hard times.
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new questions in the roadside confrontation between a driver and police officer. the state police officer said he was aiming at one of the tires of the vehicle. he is one of two officers now under investigation for their role in the incident and joe fryer has the latest for us. we're getting this information from the report filed by the officer, right? >> yeah, that's right. it's from the police report,
11:29 am
tamron. this all happened last month but it's getting attention now because the video recently became public. the entire video lasts 20 minutes and police say the driver refuses to follow the officer's orders. it was an educational trip according to court records that brought farrell and her five home schooled children to this part of new mexico. >> 71 back there and it's 55. >> reporter: after state police stop her for speeding, it shows her driving away before the officer is done. there's a 30 second chase before farrell turns officer and the officer tries to remove her. >> get out of the vehicle right now! get out of the vehicle. >> reporter: over the next several months the farrell refuses to cooperate. until things finally blow up and at that point farrell's 14-year-old son approaches and the officer said he swung at him multiple times before running
11:30 am
back in the van and locking the door as police backup arrive. >> open the door. >> reporter: the officer uses a baton to break the window and another officer fires three shots. in the police report the firing officer said he was aiming at the left rear tire trying to immobilize the vehicle. he wrote, my decision in shooting at the tire and not the driver was because of all of the people in the vehicle. >> farrell was arrested and charged with child abuse, fleeing an officer and possession of drug marijuana for a pair of marijuana pipes found in the van. >> my decision to file charges or prosecute had less to do with the officer's behavior than it did the suspect's behavior. that's in my mind what initiated everything. >> reporter: farrell and her attorney declined to comment. but in court the attorney claimed farrell was scared for her children. >> we ought talk about the stupidity and recklessness of shooting at a van that's got
11:31 am
five kids in it. >> reporter: greg mier watched the video and said it does raise questions about the officer's actions. >> until we know why it's difficult to judge the reasonableness of what happened here. >> reporter: the new mexico state police chief has said the video does raise some concerns about the officer opening fire. he is promising a full review of this case. >> joe, i'm not sure if you know the answer. i know this investigation is ongoing. do we know if the officer actually hit the vehicle? the officer who fired? >> reporter: we have not heard yet any reports about what happened with that. we know obviously no one was hurt when the officer open fire and all of the experts we've spoken with say it does appear he's aiming at the tire. >> okay, joe, thank you very much. we appreciate that update on the story. still ahead, chris christie going after the gop again? mean while, what he says about the president and all of the speculation surrounding 2016.
11:32 am
>> we're three years away from the presidential election. i feel badly for president obama, he just won a year ago. so, who's next. >> plus the president's approval numbers at an all time low, whether he can recover before next year's mid-term election. how naughty was he? oh boy... [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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today our nbc news first read team puts it this way. they call it particularly interesting comment about president obama from new jersey governor chris christie, also a potential 2016 presidential contender. the governor fresh from his landslide win spoke before the wall street journal ceo council in washington last night. >> we're three years away from the presidential election. in this sense i feel badly for president obama, he just won a
11:36 am
year ago and everybody is like, who's next? there is work to be done in this country. and as we shove him out the door, we minimize his ability to be an effective executive. we shouldn't do that. >> joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. we can't read someone's mind but what is your take on chris christie's comments regarding the president, whether it's the media doing it or i'm not sure who else he would blame for pushing ahead so quickly with 2016? >> it's everyone who's doing it. it does make it much more difficult to govern when everybody is focused on the next presidential election that might be three years away. from personal experience covering george w. bush's administration in 2005 and being here at nbc news, we weren't focused on the 2008 elections until 2007, early 2007. and barack obama then the united states senator didn't even signal he was going to run for the office until late 2006.
11:37 am
george w. bush had all of the 2005, and all of 2006 to be able to govern. everyone was so focused on midterm elections. now you flash forward to this time around and pretty much just a few months after president obama's inaugural after his state of the union address, the conversation slowly but surely starts turning to 2016 and shows you how fast the news cycles move and people's attention span is probably less than it was five or six years ago. but that is the situation we're in. >> it also i think has to do with one of the names on the horizon, hillary clinton, you have this enthusiasm of regarding her future and i think if you had perhaps lesser known or lesser talked about people, you wouldn't have the buzz. i think her name in the pot fuels a lot of this. >> her name in the pot for democrats certainly does. republicans looking for someone else after being out of the white house for quite a while, do i want chris christie, rand
11:38 am
paul, ted cruz? it allows people to speculate and change the subject. but the tough act of governing and a lot of kind of busy roll up your sleeves type of work gets the short trip. >> sorry for the short time with all of the breaking news. president obama is scheduled to speak at the wall street journal ceo summit in washington that governor christie appeared at last night. the problems with the health care rollout will be among the hot topics, kathleen sebelius is making several stops in florida and nationwide tour to promote the website and the law. in washington today, republican led house committee held two more hearings on problems with the website. >> this hearing is just another attempt to undermine the president's signature law and follow their playbook. >> all of this comes as a new
11:39 am
"washington post"/abc news poll shows president obama's approval rating at 42%. the poll also found the record 57% oppose the health care law while 40% are in favor. let me bring in "washington post" reporter juliette, thank you for your time. let's talk about this. the first read points out that the next two months, critical for the president to get this website up and running properly and this may protect not only his legacy, we might see his approval numbers go up as well as his impact on the mid-term elections. how do you see it? >> everyone sees that how that goes will have a huge impact on how people view the laws. it's obvious we see this tied to the botched rollout but not as if this is by definition permanent. and depending on how things are at the beginning of december, which is a critical period in order to get people signed up
11:40 am
for insurance that would kick in on january 1st. if they can get the system moving and prove they can get enough young healthy people signed up for insurance by mid december, that could certain things around. >> and also moves forward to the other conversation from immigration reform to the budget, those things stillespec immigration reform and we know the president's desire on moving this forward. speaking of christie and things he brought up with the new interview, what he sees as this absolute role on the criticism he labeled on his own party as well as democrats. if this environment stays the same, let's move part aca and there's no indication it will change, will the president still battle this public perception if nothing moves forward, let's just narrow in on immigration reform, for example? >> i think that that is something he's going to face. certainly democrats, including the president and his white house aides feel better about the budget battle which will
11:41 am
inhe havestabi inevitably rear up. that's better terrain for them. that said, it's fraut with peril, we could face another government shutdown. the next obvious thing they would focus on is immigration, which would be a heavy lift. >> it seems as if when you look at the score board and the potential for the president to make a recovery of the budget as you pointed out may be an upshot for democrats. we don't think the republicans would like to see another government shut down given how that turned out and the interest to have comprehensive immigration reform, looking at the key states they would like to have support, which have a high number of latino voters there. so when you look at the score at least on these, these issues that we know, not the unforeseen, there are a number of openings available here. >> well, but i would have to challenge part of that. while the demographics would suggest that the republicans
11:42 am
would get behind comprehensive immigration reform, we certainly haven't seen sufficient enthusiasm from house republicans who of course represent a narrow swath. they are the ones who right now are standing in the way -- >> what we see as a division within the gop regarding immigration reform and know a party divided is a weaker party. was it exactly the story line from last week regarding the upton bill with 39 democrats in the house support the bill seen as fracturing of the democratic party which gave the storyline of it being weak so that is still applicable to immigration reform with republican party, that's the storyline. >> absolutely. i think that's correct. and that's one of the reasons why so many democrats frankly who are anxious about health care really want to move on to another subject. >> julia, thank you so much. great having you on. >> still ahead, a wedding photographer now asking the freak to re-supreme court to reverse a decision that said she
11:43 am
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keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. during the white house daily briefing, there was a question asked regarding ranking democrat elijah cummings and his questioning of the president and the administration and some of the decisions that have gone on. april ryan is standing by. she's at the white house and april, as i understand it, you had an opportunity to speak with elijah cummings and he's had criticism for the administration.
11:47 am
what can you tell me? >> i talked to congressman cummings earlier, an hour or so before the briefing and asked about the poll numbers and he said the poll numbers are linked directly to the website. he said the president can weather any storm but this. he's got to deal with this and fix this website issue. now, mind you, congressman cummings is a friend of this administration and friend of the president. and also, this congressman said, look, because this white house did not -- or this administration did not inform the president like he should have been informed, there should indeed by a shake-up. i asked jay carney, he said they are listening but the issue is to get this website fixed. behind the scenes there's definite concern at the white house. the president's poll numbers have tanked dramatically and they know it. >> april, thank you very much. for the details on your conversation with congressman elijah cummings. another story we're
11:48 am
following, professional wedding photographer in new mexico is citing freedom of speech in asking the supreme court to strike down a state decision that forbid her business for refusing to perform work for same sex couples. she turned down a request to photograph a ceremony involving a lesbian couple, saying because of her religion she did not want to be involved in celebration of something she believed is wrong. the couple took her to court and the new mexico supreme court ruled that her refusal of services constitutes discrimination. but her attorney argued it violates her artistic expression. the aclu says the case asks difficult questions about freedom of speech and the couple's right to equal treatment under the law. joining me now, michael smerconish, what's your take on this case? >> this is like a law school final exam. this is the sort of thing that law students would fill an
11:49 am
entire blue book on because you have these competing constitutional values. on one hand you have the couple saying we're entitled to equal protection and equal treatment under the law. the photographer says, i have a first amendment right in jeopardy because i will take portraits of the couple but if you ask me to assemble them in a storybook, in a picture book that celebrates the day, i'm celebrating something that is at odds with my core religious afflictions. i think the supreme court of new mexico got it right when they came down on the side of saying discrimination applies, anti-discrimination laws apply to the expressive professions as well. i don't think you can have an outcome that would be any other way because it would open pandora's box. i don't know if the supreme court were to take it. >> it's interesting, you compare it to the debate that some
11:50 am
pharmacists have attempted to present regarding prescriptions for birth control or other things they find objectionable based on their religion. >> i do, tamron, there are certain professions when you take them on, you're surrendering your right to offer a personal objection. that's my favorite example. if i'm a pharmacist and know that birth control is legal in this country, i think i've got an obligation then to dispense birth control medication. now, some would say, that's a real stretch if you're going to apply the same standard to a photographer at a wedding. if you hold yourself out as doing business with the public, i don't think you have any right to have discriminatory. >> the attorney representing the couple says in part in a statement, straight forward case of discrimination in the public marketplace. no court ever held a first amendment gives businesses a license to sell services to the general public but then reject customers based on race or religion or sexual orientation
11:51 am
in violation of the stay lte la. they will serve anyone, they do not turn away customers because of their protected class status but will decline a request as a first amendment guaranteeing them the right to do so. these are the statements and it does sound like a case study for a law professor in a class. we'll see if it heads further. >> you're saying the caterer, the printer and baker of the wedding cake, the bartenders, everybody could sit back and pass judgment on this couple. i don't think that's what we want to do. >> thank you so much. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. nbc sports has learned olympic skier lindsey vonn suffer eed crash while trainingn colorado injuring her knee.
11:55 am
she is set to undergo an immediate mri months before she's set to compete in the winter games in sochi, she blew out her right knee in a crash at the world championships back in february and expected to return for her first race thanksgiving weekend. and time now for the news nation gut check, walmart has come under fire under employee wage. one food drive set up inside a single store in canton, ohio is adding fuel to the fire. the store set up storage containers in an employee only area asking workers to donate food items so associates in need can enjoy a thanksgiving dinner. one employee snapped photos and sent them to the union. these photos have gone viral. a spokesperson defended the move as an act of kindness, saying what these associates are doing are making sure if there's someone out there with a critical need they are being taken care of. do you get with the critics that
11:56 am
say walmart should be paying employees more rather than sponsoring food drives. that does it for us. we'll see you tomorrow "the cycle" is up next. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress, the fcc, and the administration free up... more licensed wireless spectrum, we can empower more... people to innovate, create new technologies and jobs... and strengthen the economy. america is the world's leader in wireless. let's keep it that way. free up licensed spectrum today, so wireless... can do more for america tomorrow. ♪ ♪ if i was a flower growing wild and free ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee ♪ ♪ and if was a tree growing tall and green ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves ♪
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♪ president obama is about to take questions at the wall street journal ceo council annual meeting and the focus is the economy but health care is going to work its way in. we heard from new jersey governor chris christie and general martin dempsey and jack lew and larry summers. president obama takes the stage shortly with his approval numbers lower than ever. overall job approval rating is
12:00 pm
down 13% points this year, 42%, that is tieing his all time low in this poll. one driving force behind the decline is of course obama care. 63% disapprove of how he handled the rollout and 57% oppose the entire law. that is up 8 points in just four weeks. but more people enrolling on october's numbers are already doubled this month but they are still far off their goal of 3 million enrolled by the end of year. a political writer says democrats can't -- obama care bears the president's name but it's a democratic party creation full stop. if democrats help republicans obliterate it it will be an enormous admission of governing incompetence. if i'm accurately representing your argument, you're basically saying democrats are stuck with obama care, they may as well embrace it


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